Beyond the Traditional CFOMoney-1

To create sustainable growth, you must be looking ahead at all times. It’s not enough to have the most advanced product or service, you need also to be forward thinking with your financing. Oftentimes the most sophisticated owners or CFOs can lose sight of key financial metrics that enable real growth.

The Delta Group helps you stay one step ahead, financially.

Our in-depth financial visibility helps growth companies align financial strategy with business goals, maximize internal assets, and obtain access to qualified external financing options/sources.

We help you answer important questions like:

  • Is your company generating all the cash it’s capable of?
  • If you achieve forecast, will you have enough cash?
  • Is your current debt structure causing growth constraints?
  • In the next 12 months, how much cash generated can you contribute to your growth strategy?
  • Are you able to obtain the financing you need?
  • Do you have financing options on which you cannot capitalize?

We align all parties to attain your growth goals


We help you generate more cash flow from operations (Internal Cash Flow) and maximize your financing opportunities from lenders (External Cash Flow) to achieve specific goals
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