Calibrating Cash:
A practical approach to accessing the capital you need to
grow your business.

Searching for ways to maximize your access to capital?

Looking to find cash from internal and external sources while maintaining control over risk?

June 1, 2016
11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
SBANE Headquarters, 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham MA

Like many business owners, you may have a seemingly well performing accounting and finance team, but you still struggle to maintain the cash needed to reach your goals. Oftentimes, it takes a forward looking cash strategy that strikes the correct balance between internally generated assets and externally sourced funding to sustain real growth.

We, therefore, have asked The Delta Group, LLC to assemble a panel of experts of both consultants and business owners to provide keen insight into the most successful methods of calibrating cash. Speakers include:


Michael F. Ciampa, CFO Consultant and Partner, The Delta Group.  Michael is an expert in debt financing and controlling risk from both a business owner’s and lender’s perspective.

Leo J. Correia,  CFO Consultant and Partner, The Delta Group.  Leo is an expert in financial modeling and specializes in creating simple and user-friendly ways to model the future.


Tony Muraco, President and CEO,  Universal Window and Door, LLC
Joshua Weissman, President and CEO, Moduform, Inc.
Tim Lawlor, President and CEO, Retrofit Technologies Inc.
Ted Chagnon, President, Valet Park of America


About our Moderator, Panelists, and Speakers

Edward S. Ostrowski, President, Goldstar Advisory Services, Inc. Edward Ostrowski currently serves as a Board Member and Executive Committee Member as Treasurer.Ed Ostrowski has been involved in small business growth and strategy for over 30 years. He was the founder and CEO of Optima Worldwide Shipping Inc. and Optima Shipping Systems Inc., until its acquisition in 2004. Ed founded GoldStar Advisory Services and formed an alliance with a Swiss based business establishing global joint ventures for distributing consumer products in the USA. As Chairman of the Board of SBANE for four years and a Director for eight years, Ed helped the organization become the premiere resource for small business throughout New England. He currently serves as CEO of GoldStar Advisory Services Inc., specializing in business planning and growth strategy.Ed holds a BSBA in Marketing and MBA in Finance and has served as a student mentor and participant in MIT entrepreneurship (e-lab) program.

Tony Muraco, President and CEO, Universal Window and Door, LLC Tony has been a decisive, assertive, and organized executive, with strong tactical and strategic skills for over 35 years. He has served in the roles of SVP, GM, President, COO and CEO, in multiple industries such as high-tech, electronics, capital equipment, construction and flow metering for the gas and oil industry. In Tony’s current role, he is transforming Universal into an international window manufacturing company, through the addition of major new products that appeal to numerous new markets. Tony has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Marketing, from Southern New Hampshire University. Joshua Weissman, President and CEO, Moduform, Inc. Josh is a focused executive who has held a variety of leadership roles in the company including sales, marketing and production. Josh began his CEO leadership role in 2014, following his father who founded the company over forty years ago. Josh has recently led Moduform through the acquisition of a major competitor, currently integrating the companies and redefining the company’s competitive position in the marketplace. Tim Lawlor, President and CEO, Retrofit Technologies Inc.

Tim Lawlor is the principal owner and Chief Executive Officer of RetroFit Technologies. Mr. Lawlor has more than 35 years of experience as an information technology professional with broad experience in sales, operations and finance. Under Mr. Lawlor’s leadership, RetroFit has grown from a small maintenance and support organization to a major provider of technology services supporting government, education, and commercial organizations. Through a systematic and proactive strategy, Mr. Lawlor has expanded the company by developing a powerful product portfolio, strong customer relationships and productive management team. In addition, Mr. Lawlor was an appointed member to Governor Romney’s Special Council on Technology in Massachusetts Education. Mr. Lawlor holds a B.S. from Northeastern University.

Ted Chagnon, President, Valet Park of America Valet Park of America is principally owned and managed by Theodore L. Chagnon. Mr. Chagnon strongly believes in working on site, in uniform, side by side with many of his employees. This has proven to be one of the most important reasons for his success. He has owned and operated VPA since 1990 and has been accredited by the NPA as a Certified Parking Facilities Manager.

Michael F. Ciampa, CFO Consultant and Partner, The Delta Group Michael is an expert at managing financial complexity in all types of businesses. He has over 25 years of experience working for and with entrepreneurial owners who require insight and assistance in navigating through challenging times. He focuses on the financial well-being and health of each business independent of any past work. Drawing from the history and collective experiences of the Delta Consulting Group he ensures that every consultant’s time is leveraged to add the greatest value for the client. Past engagements have included business acquisitions, asset divestitures, company turnarounds, orderly liquidations, growth and downsizing plans. He has a Masters in Management from Fitchburg State and a Baschelors in Finance from UMass – Amherst.

Leo J. Correia, CFO Consultant and Partner, The Delta Group Leo is a finance expert with exceptional modeling skills. He has a passion for forward-looking models that mathematically and financially forecast a company’s future operations. Leo is driven to create models that are easy to use and communicate a strategy, metrics and results externally to lenders and investors and internally to management to control risk. Leo believes that model simplicity is the only way to communicate a vision in numbers as well as measure and control results. Leo has over over thirty years experience in his roles as a CPA in the CPA industry, as a CFO and as a CFO Consultant. Leo is currently a CFO consultant to manufacturing, construction, distribution and service companies. He models the financial operations of these companies and structures financing to build a clear cash vision of the future and its possibilities.
Bringing discipline to your vision