The Delta Foodservice Group (“DFG”)


At its core, our strategy with our foodservice clients aligns with the Delta approach in other industries:  We always start by understanding your vision and working with you to spell it out.  At the same time, we build a forward looking financial model of your business. We show you what the model reveals so that together we are able to prioritize the projects undertaken to make your vision real and durable.  The only difference is that the Delta Foodservice Group is made up solely of battle tested foodservice industry veterans with a variety of skill sets.

One size does not fit all. In many instances, only one or two members of the group are involved in an engagement. We expect to be used surgically, only as needed.

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Delta Foodservice Group’s “Open Book Solutions” Offering

We help foodservice companies grow by enrolling your entire team in your vision and teaching the responsibilities and rewards of running a business measured against plan.

DFG delivers Open Book Solutions training to enable you to tap into the latent entrepreneurial energy and ideas of your entire team. We help you grow your business, increasing its competitiveness, profitability and asset value while also raising staff compensation and lowering turnover.

We offer a comprehensive training program for foodservice businesses which provides:

    • A business assessment process that identifies the needs and opportunities for your business, including surveying of your staff. We customize our offerings for each client, ensuring that our program is delivering maximum impact to your bottom line and organization.
    • Open Book Solutions training to engage all levels of staff to understand the business and learn to operate as if they were owners with a real stake in the outcome. When the entire staff thinks like business people, profit goes up, turnover goes down. And by implementing a program to share some of that increased profit, you raise compensation and lock in the enthusiasm of your team.
    • Accounting and Financial Literacy training to educate and focus your staff.  We help your team come to understand the financial transactions of day-to-day operations and see how their own job performance drives the numbers.
    • Train the Trainer.  We educate and develop your leadership team so your business can continue the program once DFG has helped you implement.
    • Leadership training.   We put your team leaders in a position to succeed by teaching them how to lead in this innovative business approach.
    • Measurement and analysis. Our team has years of experience in measuring results and evaluating success.  We’ll help you develop the metrics, scoreboards and indicators that tell you, in real time, that the program, and your business, is succeeding.

Our team of trainers has decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, facilitating workshops, delivering training and empowering staff.  From Henry Patterson’s decades of experience as a foodservice operator, consultant and trainer, supporting over 50 foodservice clients in his career to Joe Grafton’s qualifications as a nationally recognized speaker and facilitator, the DFG Open Book Solutions program brings some of the brightest minds and dynamic leaders to your business.

Our training methods can be customized for any business or team but will always deliver personalized education that will reach and inspire your team members, whatever their current level of sophistication and education.  For course outlines, training material samples, pricing or more information on our Open Book Solutions offering, contact us.

Joe Grafton leading a workshop
Our Director of Business Education knows how to get consensus