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With Smart Planning, In-Depth Financial Visibility & Access to Capital

Every company needs to find a way to balance cash demands and cash forecasts with their business strategy. The Delta Group specializes in “calibrating cash constraints”, aligning your business strategy with your cash strategy.


We have developed innovative tools and methods for aligning cash generated from operations (internal cash) with access to capital (external cash from lenders and investors). This in-depth financial visibility will give you the confidence to know that you that cash will be there.

To create sustainable growth, you must be looking ahead at all times…

Through thoughtful and intentional financial planning The Delta Group will ensure your cash position calibrates directly with your strategic business plan…

Learn how we simplify the process and make sure owners and financing sources are working together towards a common growth goal.


Michael F. Ciampa
CFO Partner


Leo J. Correia
CFO Partner

SBANE – Calibrating Cash:Delta Free Cash Flow2

A practical approach to accessing the capital you need to grow your business.

June 1, 2016

Like many business owners, you may have a seemingly well performing accounting and finance team, but you still struggle to maintain the cash needed to reach your goals. Oftentimes, it takes a forward looking cash strategy that strikes the correct balance between internally generated assets and externally sourced funding to sustain real growth.